About Areewa

Areewa also known as the Beautiful Rose is a Web and Mobile App that stands as a linkage between the lover of beauty and beauty providers. An app where people can easily find skilled and professional Artist (MakeUp, Gele (headgear)). Through the selection process, the User is able to book the Artist of their choice on the go without any stress. No much time is required and at anywhere, anytime, you can make your Selection, Secure your Booking, and Make Payment at the same time. All these done on the go and all you need to do is show up to enjoy your beautification session without any havoc. Where ever you are, Areewa has got you covered.

How Areewa Works

  • In their comfort zone, Users are able to book appointments with registered and subscribed Service providers that are available at the time.

  • An agreed amount is reached and the offer is confirmed after payment is made by the user through the in-app payment gateway.

  • After the service, the service provider records that the job is done, and User is able to validate that work has been administered after which the payment would be released to the service provider.


Learn about the great features that are available on Areewa Web and Mobile App.

Category of User

There are two types of users of the app: The app has two types of users which are:

  • The User (Service Seeker)
  • This category refers to the individual, group or cooperates who are looking for beautification service (MakeUp, Gele (headgear))
  • The Service Provider (who renders services)
  • This category refers to Artists that provide Beauty and Fashion services, mainly MakeUp and Gele Artistry.

In-App payment

Once a consension has been reached by the user and the service provider, then, payment can be made via an online payment gateway available on the app. One good thing about this in-app payment is that the payment does not go directly to the service provider who is yet to render the service but held by an intermediary between the user and the service provider which is the in-app gateway payment account (wallet) and released to the user only when the job done is completed.

On completion of the job, the service provider clicks a button available on the app to indicate the completion of the job and the user which is the receiver of the service validates that by clicking on a button available at his/her end too. Then, the payment will be released to the service provider

Type of Services

There are various types of services that can be rendered through both Areewa Web and Mobile app but the emphasis is laid on Makeup and Gele


For the safety of both parties, users and service provider register their details which are verified before the app can be used.

Geo Location

Areewa Web and Mobile app offers full comfort and eliminates the stress of getting your beautification done totally. A user is able to select a service provider in addition to the location. The service provider is given the option to make himself/herself available in multiple locations.

Based on the user’s location they will see also all service providers rendering such services in their locality.

In-App Chat

Negotiation power is not cut off on both the Web and Mobile app; Users are permitted to have a smooth conversation with available service providers in order to get the best possible rate. Users see the images of service providers, click on anyone and chat him or her up.

They agree on a specific amount and the user sends an offer to the service provider.

The service provider accepts or rejects the offer.

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This app is developed by Wavepalm Technology Solutions Limited

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Offices in Africa and in UK.

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App is available for use on Android in the UK, US and Nigeria, with Kenya and Ghana coming soon. iOS and Web App coming soon.

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